Saturday, November 7, 2009

candy cane



electric blue/green

candy pink/electric blue

transformed into a tube dress

candy pink/light grey

loveee the design!

side pocket

back view
*straps are adjustable*

if you missed out on the 'hot x' dress,we bring you the similar design in different colors and cutting!they are ultimately cuteness of course,and at the same time feminine, flirty,sexy, and omg, insanely gorgeous!!the herve front design and poofy bottom are brilliant!bootiful!!! :D have we mentioned that these designs are so in now?! tres chic in electric blue and green,we think. :) butttt the rest is irresistible too ay?! perfect for daytime and night.if you love classy and posh without screaming loud,this is the right dress for ya darls!*swoon* ;))

100% lycra cotton (top part) and 100% hard cotton (bottom)

fits uk4-small uk12

measurement: 33 inches