Sunday, November 1, 2009

lace bomb





true color

spice up with statement necklace ;)

shoulder pad can be removed

hi neck

back view

another round of jumpsuit from us,pumpkin! :)) there's something about this jumpsuit that we can't say no to.firstly,this jumpsuit has the purrfect cut of all jumpsuit!lol andddd this time around not just plain jumpsuit but it's coated with lace!definitely one of a kind right? so elegant that you’ll be checking yourself out at every given mirror! hot black made from high quality lace and soft silk.they are so versatile and super easy to wear it can be styled in many ways and suit many occasions. add a belt through the middle and voila what a look! dress to impress and be the only one rocking it. perfect for styling all year die for!to die for!

100% soft lace and soft silk-bottom (stretchable)

fits uk6-small uk12

measurement: 30.5 inches