Sunday, October 4, 2009

flowy rosy



veryyy summer-ish right? ;))

true color

close up

front view

side pocket

tied sleeve

back view
*zipper at the back*

a jumper can make a person look adorably cute and also sophisticatedly sweet.either look can always make you stand out.what more when it comes in summer like colors and floral prints.this jumper falls in adorably cute and fun!because of the print and color effect it and the glazing color make you look extremely extraordinary.if you still wanna pull off a cutie image,then pair it wait a pair of wedges.if you think your more on the sweet side,then your best with strappy heels.the question is,how do you want yourself to look?the best right?that's why you should 'jump' yourself into this!

100% thick cotton

fits uk4-uk10

measurement: 31 inches