Saturday, October 10, 2009

up and away



chilli red
the color is really nice upftont! ;)
row of buttons
back view
charcoal grey
true color

what did we tell you about high waisted skirts?never fade away with seasons. :D its been awhile since we last brought in high waisted skirts.this time around blazzin duo proudly appears with 'upgraded' version of high waisted skirts.the skirt is supre inspired with its superb line cutting and buttons on the front part. it looks so chic and stylish at the same not fret if you have can always pair it with waist cinchers to add a double buckle effect to your waist!one other thing that you must know,this cutie skirt can result you to a ladylike look that emphasizes your curve!plusss,they're high waisted.yeayyy! ;)

100% thick polyester (very comfy)

fits uk4-uk12

measurement:23.5 inches