Sunday, October 4, 2009

summer flora



toffee berry (very light brown with sweet pink and ivory roses)
close up
true color
pina colada (turquoise with tiny reddish pink roses)
*worn as corset romper*
loveee the sweetheart bustier ;)

close up

side pocket

back view

this romper we are particularly proud of, because it's sooo gorgeous, in our humble opinion!lol the fit is superb and the details are just to die for!we're very sure that this floral romper is sent from heaven because its heavenly gorgeous and playful!lol the print and cut are just too gorgeous,the full swing bottom and lovely design at the upper area show that you can look playful in this piece.and yes,sweet at the same can you not love this playful romper? :)

100% cotton

fits uk4- big uk10

measurement:32 inches