Sunday, October 4, 2009

studs on




arghhh to die forrr!

transformed into a top!be creative,girls! ;)

side pocket

studs on the sleeve *swoons*

let's have a big jawdropping moment,pumpkin-ians!it's the time to have that saliva jaw dropping time.its because this great dress is definitely one of a kind.if a simple dress or blouse is designed and sewn with studs, it becomes a fashion statement. even a simple white t shirt can look wonders with a few studs on it. this time around, runways are making our eyes popped out with studs trend.what more with a combination of the most basic color;black!definitely edgy and mysterious!this one piece dress can be worn as a top as well.what a wonderful and creative way of turning a simple and boring plain dress to a fashion statement wonder! we know you get the drift already, so we’ll zip it!lol

100% thick cotton (stretchable)

fits uk4-uk10

33 inches